Podcast Episode 62  Only successful organizations can provide sustainable, long term paid employment and expand to provide more job opportunities. This weeks guest Patrick Bardsley and Tim Howe from Spectrum Designs certainly understand this. Spectrum Designs is a social enterprise making custom apparel, such as hats, hoodies, and T-shirts. Spectrum Designs focusses on the enterprise as much as the social, and in doing so continues to expand and create more employment opportunities for young people with autism.

Patrick and Tim share the story of Spectrum Designs, how it grew from an idea into a business that now provides custom made apparel products to some of the biggest companies in the world. This didn’t happen because Spectrum just focused on just providing employment opportunities: it happened because it focuses on quality and on-time delivery as this is what matters to the end customer. By doing this the business has grown to now provide even more jobs for people with autism.

Spectrum Designs is the perfect example of how to marry the social and the enterprise, and illustrates how simply delivering a quality product on time can drastically change the perceptions of and expectations of young people with additional needs.