Podcast Episode 63  Finding a supportive safe space for our children to have a variety of social experiences is so important. In this episode, we hear about CASPA which is providing that space and doing a whole lot more. Helen Dyer from CASPA explains not only how CASPA came about and what it does in terms of providing social experiences for a range of age groups. Importantly as CASPA has grown and the young people who started with them have gotten older CASPA has realized the needs of its young people are changing. So CASPA is expanding what it does now focusing on not providing a space to build social skills but also developing programs which help their young people develop those key skills which are transferable into the workplace.

CASPA provides a vital link for young people to begin the journey into work and greater independence. What the world needs is more organizations like this so that an independent future can become a reality for more young people with additional needs.