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There is also an additional consideration that serves as the foundation of all these – financial security.  Like it or not money often dictates how we live our lives, and we need to confront the issue of how our children will survive financially when we are gone.  Money is an essential building block to achieving greater independence. Money is not only about the day to day management of money but also the financial planning necessary by us to give our children the opportunity to live an independent life. If you are interested in finding out the ways to build this financial security for your young person then visit our sister site redgiraffesolutions.com

Meet The Host

Debra Caldow

Debra Caldow


Hosted by Debra Caldow, since 2017, the Expanding Worlds Podcast is about Sharing Stories and Sharing Solutions. Debra talks to parents and professionals from around the world about how to ensure that young people with additional needs enjoy the same opportunities to live the lives they want as anyone else. She interviews people from across the world who are making a real difference to the lives of young people with additional needs.

She reaches out to parents and professionals to discuss different approaches to support independence around daily living, purpose and relationships. She has always believed that:

1.      every young person with additional needs should have the same opportunities as everyone else

2.      every young person with additional needs should be able to decide exactly how they live their lives

Her aim now is to share what she knows works. She wants you to be able to utilise the same tools she’s used with her daughter to support your child to develop and build the skills they need to live a more independent life.



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