Podcast Episode 61  We all understand why work is an important step toward independent living, but all to often the employment opportunities are limited for young people with additional needs. This weeks guest Pascal Fintoni is not only helping to create employment opportunities in digital marketing, but he is also having the conversations around reasonable adjustment that will help create a greater number and a wider choice of employment options.

Pascal talks about his work with the North East Autism Society, in the UK, around developing an internal marketing program designed and developed by young people with autism. This not only helps them to develop digital marketing skills but also offers them a voice in determining where the future of the organization lies.

In addition, as an employer, Pascal is making sure that he has the kind of conversations with other employers that will help change perceptions and make the term reasonable mean exactly what it should mean: ‘Reasonable’. As he points out most employers make and have been making reasonable adjustments for their employees every day.

It is forward thinking employers who understand what reasonable adjustments are that will ultimately benefit from a motivated workforce with varied skills.