Podcast Episode 53. Getting to know any young person is the essential first step in understanding what they need when it comes to helping them achieve greater independence. This is the core ethos of this week’s podcast guests Trudy and Darren Dzirasa-Payne from Impacting Lives.

Impacting Lives provides housing and associated support services for young people with additional needs.  What they focus on is providing services that work for the individual and balance this with running what is a business by keeping their costs under control through the use of technology and keeping administration costs low. This combined with clear processes helps ensure they can provide what is needed by the young people they support whilst continuing to run a sustainable business.

There is no doubt that services that provide accommodation for young people with additional can often have a bad reputation. impacting Lives and Trudy and Darren show that the residential care home model can be less about the home and more about the care. It ultimately comes down to the core values of the organization.

Whatever the individual solution that works for our young people it is reassuring to hear about organizations like Impacting Lives, and people like Trudy and Darren, who are driven by a greater purpose to help change the lives of individuals and ensure they live the kind of lives they desire.