Podcast Episode 51. At some point in all of our journeys, we need support. Some of us find it in family and friends, others look to support groups. In this week’s podcast, Elaine Kelly, who runs a support group, talks about how support groups can help when maybe others around you simply don’t get it.

Elaine explains how her support group is run and what she believes is important to consider to provide a supportive and welcoming environment. She reveals how support groups can help against isolation and also make people aware of organizations and resources they can use.

Elaine also addresses why some people don’t seek out support groups and explains how for many people they are only used for short-term support and for others provide a long-term space to share.

Sharing our knowledge and experiences makes all of us stronger. It doesn’t have to be in a support group setting, of course, but wherever we do it we are making the journey of those following us that little bit easier.