Podcast Episode 102

In this part 2 of my conversation with the team at Forward2Employment (F2E) the focus is on the role of the job coach as well as hearing from current interns and from graduates of the supported internships program. 

Two of the job coaches, Robert Harris and Christine Richards, talk about why their role encompasses more than just coaching the intern in the workplace but also helping them build the skills they need as they move on from this program. 

We hear from some of the current interns about why they chose the supported internships route and what positive impacts they’ve already seen from being involved. Two successful graduates of the program, who have transitioned into employment, talk about their journey and what being in a paid job means to them. 

 The F2E supported internship program has already proven that when the right support is in place and the right people are involved then change will happen. 

Forward2Employment: https://www.forward2employment.co.uk/

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