Podcast Episode 101

In this episode of the Bridging The Gap series I’m talking to the team at Forward2Employment (F2E) about their supported internships program. This episode is really about getting the foundations in place with Liz Halton, the Head of F2E, explaining why the program came about and how it was created as well as the vision of F2E to change the employment expectations of young people with additional needs. Angie Gillett, the Employment Engagement Officer, discusses how they have sold their vision to employers and along the way changed opinions about what young people are capable of, when given the right opportunities. Tina Pincott, a job coach at F2E, addresses the importance of training the other employees in an organisation and why it leads to increased understanding and greater potential for an inclusive workplace for everyone. 

Like many organisations that support our young people F2E grew out of a gap in provision but they are doing more than just providing a single solution, they are changing the expectations of the young people they support,  the perceptions of the employers they work with and the attitudes of the communities they work in.

Forward2Employment: https://www.forward2employment.co.uk/

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