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Celebrating the 100th Episode and the stops on the journey so far

Time for a celebration and to reflect on the journey so far. It all started out with an idea that there had to be more out there for my daughter. I saw that she and other children, with additional needs, need extra support, in specific areas, to build the skills that will enable them to live more independently as adults. This became our Route Map, and the topics of the podcast. There are 4 lines on the Route Map: Purpose, Daily Living, Relationships and Financial Independence. Each line needs to be travelled along but where to stop along the way will depend on each individual. In this 100th episode I talk about where my daughter is on each line and why I see the overall journey becoming easier.

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Red Giraffe Guide

This guide is aimed at children who may live semi or fully independently at some point in the future, but a lot of the principles will benefit children with more challenging needs. One of the key objectives we have as parents is to make our children feel better about themselves and build up their self-esteem and confidence.

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