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Our Focus

Young people with additional needs should have the opportunity to live independently in a way right for them. The podcast is about sharing stories and sharing solutions that enable parents and carers to support them on this path to greater independence.

Independence for most people consists of three things:
1) Having a Purpose for the day – usually paid employment, but possibly a place to go to make a contribution to the world.
2) Having the Daily Living skills for independence – being able to look after ourselves, cooking, shopping.
3) Having Relationships with family, friends and maybe even a partner one day.

There is also an additional consideration that serves as the foundation of all these – Financial. Like it or not money often dictates how we live our lives, and we need to confront the issue of how our children will survive financially when we are gone.

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148 Why Habits Are The Foundation Of Independence

148 Why Habits Are The Foundation Of Independence

Every day we all do the same things the same way because it’s these habits that make it easier to live our lives. Habits are just skills we have that we use over and over again and for my daughter with additional needs, all the skills she has built over time are now...

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This guide is aimed at children who may live semi or fully independently at some point in the future, but a lot of the principles will benefit children with more challenging needs. One of the key objectives we have as parents is to make our children feel better about themselves and build up their self-esteem and confidence.

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