Podcast Episode 97

In this the final episode of this Ways into Work series I’m doing a solo episode to talk about my learnings from the past 8 episodes. It’s definitely not a recap of the previous episodes but more my ideas around the two things I see as being pivotal in enabling many more young people to get into paid employment. 

Firstly perceptions, if we change these we change everything. The soft bigotry of low expectations is there for young people with additional needs and through employment and helping employers understand so many of their perceptions are wrong the world of work will become more accessible and workplaces more inclusive. 

Secondly parents, our role is to nurture and protect but it must also be to encourage our children to leave us one day, because we will have to leave them at some point. If we start developing in them a presumption of employment then it is much more likely they will one day move into the world of work in a way that empowers them.

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