Podcast Episode 94


The focus of this episode, in the Ways Into Work series, is Supported Employment with David Stenning from The Education People. David talks about the Supported Employment model and putting the young person at the centre but also supporting those around them. He discusses how vocational profiling helps in teasing out the transferable skills that a young person may have.  David explains why employer engagement and educating employers about issues like reasonable adjustments is so important. He also talks about the role parents can play as well as the importance of early career’s guidance from specialists in that area.

The Education People: https://www.theeducationpeople.org/


12 core values:  https://www.base-uk.org/nos 

5 stages of Supported Employment:  https://www.base-uk.org/what-supported-employment

Quality framework for Supported Employment:  https://www.base-uk.org/sites/default/files/knowledgebase/SEQF_THEORY%20interactive.pdf

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