Podcast Episode 57  Days out and going on holiday is an important part of family life, but when a young person has additional needs they can be much more of a challenge. How to make the process easier is the focus of this podcast episode with Lizzie Murphy, from A Curious Journey, offers some tips and ideas on travelling with children who have additional needs.

Lizzie talks about the importance of preparation and making sure that everyone understands what is going to happen, and preparing for the unexpected. She suggests some useful tools which can help manage expectations. Lizzie also discusses practical ways to prepare for each journey, including talking to airlines and researching what destinations are already able to offer in terms of assistance. As she highlights, there are tools out there already which can help make the whole experience much easier for parents and children.

The benefits of having new experiences are obvious in helping build a young person’s confidence and social skills, as well as creating family memories. However, we can all sometimes feel overwhelmed by the preparations needed and its reassuring to know there are proven approaches to dealing with many of the issues that arise.