Podcast Episode 28. Being listened to and being understood are important to us all, but this can be difficult when you struggle to find a common language. Language is the way we communicate and if you can’t communicate with others the impact can be devastating. This week I talk with Veronica, Mum to Emma, who has a speech and language impairment. Veronica explains what this means for Emma and her family.

Veronica guides us through her daughter’s diagnosis and the difficulties they had in getting others to acknowledge the problem, and then how that should be addressed. She also talks about the impact of getting a diagnosis and the feelings that come with that.

Veronica discusses the importance of finding people that can support your family and have an understanding what you are going through. She talks about how she found a support network and how it helped her daughter and the whole family. Veronica reminds us that people don’t need to be going through the exact same thing as you to understand how you are feeling.

Finally, Veronica talks about how important it is to teach our children to demand to be listened to and to value their voice. These skills can then be used outside the home to help them become more independent.

Finding a common language helps us be heard by others who can offer support, understanding and remind us we are never alone.