Podcast Episode 22.There’s a solution out there for every challenge, including finding clothing designed to make getting dressed easier. This week we talk to Katie Ellis, from The Able Label, a UK based clothing manufacturer.

The company was originally started to help Katie’s grandmother, who had Parkinson’s, find clothes that were both fashionable and functional. The company has now grown to providing clothing that has been adapted (based on comprehensive research with customers and professionals) for the variety of customer lifestyles.

Katie explains some of the innovations the company has developed, including color coordinating to give visual clues when dressing and the use of fabrics and fastenings to make getting dressed independently doable for most people.

While most of us never think about getting dressed, some people struggle with this task, and Able Label provides clothes that given them greater opportunities to be independent without having to sacrifice fashion for functionality.

Show Notes
[3.45]   – The history of The Able Label
[6.00]  – The challenges the business faced
[8.00]  – Marrying fashion with practicalities
[8.30]  – Designing for lifestyle not age
[9.15]  – Listening to the customer
[9.40]  – Lime is for left and red is for right
[10.15] – Not just any old velcro

Key Takeaway
There are solutions out there