With technology changing so quickly, we are often unsure of what is available and what is possible. In this episode Wendy Harkins Davis of Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation (PATF) explains why no question is ever wrong, and that because with so many options available most questions can be answered in the positive. Wendy and I discuss a variety of topics from what technology is available to the process of identifying, testing, and then funding that technology. Although geographically focused, PATF offers a myriad of information and resources that can help anyone looking for ideas on how to harness technology to support their young people to move towards living more independent lives.   

Access the resources from PATF at 


More about Smart Homes: https://smarthomesmadesimple.org/

Smart Homes Self Assessment: https://smarthomesmadesimple.org/how-it-helps/self-assessment/

Smart Homes Made Simple Guide: https://patf.us/what-we-do/smart-homes-made-simple/

Alexa’s Video: https://smarthomesmadesimple.org/uncategorized/alexa-tells-us-about-her-smart-home-devices-and-how-she-uses-them/

Funding Guide: https://patf.us/who-we-are/publications/funding-your-assistive-technology/

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