Podcast Episode 13. Holidays are a time to relax, rewind and recharge, but more often than not they end up being less about fun and more about stress.

Vicki, an experienced travel consultant, shares tips for making travel less stressful. She understands our perspective because she is also a mother to a daughter with additional needs.

Vicki says preparation is key. Have everything you may ever need to hand, and have a distraction for every occasion. She also says anticipation is part of any holiday, and to make this enjoyable for a child with additional needs it is essential to talk about every part of the trip.

Vicki shares her experiences as a parent and a professional. She explains how repetition is key, and that while holiday location variety can be great, sometimes for children with additional needs familiarity makes life easier. Going back to same place can also reduces concerns around safety as well.

Finally, Vicki talks about the need for time away from your children to recharge your batteries and to encourage their independence, and this time away should be guilt free, although she knows as well as anyone else this is easier said than done.