Podcast Episode 09. With perseverance many great things can be achieved. Sarah is living proof of this with her son Jacob, who has Asperger’s. In this two part podcast we will hear how Sarah guided Jacob through school and gave him the skills to succeed in quite a demanding job. This really is a success story that is inspiring and one we would all be happy with for our own sons and daughters.

In this first part, we hear how Jacob had difficulty coping at school in the beginning, and how Sarah took the unusual step of volunteering to be his 1:1 support in the classroom during his primary school education (ages 5-11). From this Sarah gained a unique perspective on the classroom, and she used this knowledge to teach and model all the skills that come more naturally to most children. She is honest about both the lows and highs, and the challenges she and her son faced as Jacob gradually became a successful teenager.

His high school years also had its difficulties, but he did graduate with A levels (the highest qualification taken in the UK school system). Next week we will hear about his job, and some more of Sarah’s advice. But this week, we focus on the story of Jacob’s school years.

Show Notes
[.35] – All about Sarah and her son Jacob
[1.35] – Primary school and the challenges for him and for his family
[2.30] – Moving to a smaller school doesn’t solve the problems
[3.20] – Sarah become Jacobs 1-1 support in class at the age of 7
[5.00] – Modelling skills and scripts for interactions
[7.00] – Moving away slowly from close support
[10.45] – Finding the right secondary school
[11.30] – ‘He’s my son’ a moment of pride
[12.30] – When having a label can actually be a benefit
[13.40] – Jacob finds his own tribe
[14.50] – Engaging with and teaching the teachers
[16.45] – Using the drive to school as an opportunity to ask and answer questions
[17.10] – The future is positive and practical and vocational

Key Takeaways
Modelling skills and scripts from a young age
Loving you is easy living with you isn’t always quiet as easy