Podcast Episode 02. Hear a Mother talk about how she helps her son, with Asperger’s, navigate the challenges
of growing up. Thoughts on how to deal with managing friendships and finding common interests to encourage those friendships. Tips on dealing with puberty and ways to encourage independence slowly but surely.

Show Notes
[1.00] – All about Linda and her son
[3.00] – What it means to have Asperger’s for the child and the family
[4.45] – Trying to manage the outside world through visualization
[6.10] – Learned behaviors and the problems with having a limited set of scripts to manage encounters
[10.00] – The role of context and a shared focus in friendships
[13.00] – Developing independence skills the benefits and the challenges
[19.00] – How an independent future might look
[23.15] – The challenges of puberty and resources that could help
[25.20] -Remembering you’re not alone and how important it is to take care of yourself

Key Takeaways
Finding shared interests to aid friendships
Take care of yourself