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There is also an additional consideration that serves as the foundation of all these – financial security.  Like it or not money often dictates how we live our lives, and we need to confront the issue of how our children will survive financially when we are gone.  Money is an essential building block to achieving greater independence. Money is not only about the day to day management of money but also the financial planning necessary by us to give our children the opportunity to live an independent life. If you are interested in finding out the ways to build this financial security for your young person then visit our sister site theredgiraffesolutions.com

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Debra Caldow

Debra Caldow


Debra has been the host of the Expanding Worlds podcast since 2017, interviewing people from across the world who are making a real difference to the lives of young people with additional needs.

Debra is also the Co-Founder of The Red Giraffe Solutions delivering specialist training, she is also the Marketing Director of Red Giraffe Property whose goal is to provide independent living accommodation for young adults with additional needs.